Questia Group

We are a young and fast growing company, with a digital presence in Europe, Africa and Asia.

We believe that the key to success is constant innovation. With our Agile Market Research approach, we are able to take the pulse of our target as events unfold and thus offering you results in real time and for burden-free expenses.

When you start working with us, you’ll notice something: we do things with enthusiasm! This is our everyday fuel! Enjoying what we do is our way of guaranteeing we never run out of gusto. That is why the insights we provide are as good as they get.

Follow our stories

We write with the same passion on our blog, where we share with the world insightful results from the online studies we are conducting. Here you will find articles on worldwide trending events, consumption habits, social or political behavior.

Our methodology is based on rigorous data collection from our weekly Omnibus survey. The data collection method stands on CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview), covering respondents, aged 18+ years old, representative for the Romanian online population.

Our Omnibus approach is flexible in terms of covered topics. It is fast in terms of deliverables due to the CAWI collection method, and frequent due to the weekly launch. Foremost, it is insightful with comprehensive real-time reporting and analysis of the most important events and trends.