In this article, we focus on consumer preferences towards weddings as previously identified by the International Wedding Trend Report. The research consisted of an online survey conducted on our platform and it was active between February 6th and February 7th 2018. The survey covered 500 respondents, with a +/- 4% margin of error when reported to the Romanian online population.

The International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning has launched the International Wedding Trends Report 2018. The study was developed in partnership with the world's most renowned international wedding experts. The Wedding Academy report includes predictions about the dominant trends in 2018 in terms of locations, themes, style and decor, photography, catering and flowers.

Wedding trends are inspired by arts, design, fashion and interior design. Even if metallic accents have been popular in the past two years, brass is the metal of 2018.

Millennial pink was one of the most loved color for wedding decors in the past, but this year the powder pink tones will predominate as well as the colors of the year according to Pantone, ultraviolet and lavender shades.

David Tutera, the renowned celebrity wedding organizer, believes that in 2018 the weddings inspired by the nostalgia of the classical Hollywood era will prevail: "The 1940s and 1960s will be the most popular, along with the classic Hollywood glamor that will never get out of fashion."

This year’s wedding decor will be dominated by bold geometric patterns inspired by the style of the 1920s, minimalism or Art Nouveau. Velvet will be one of the most used materials mainly because of its versatility and glow.

This year's report also provides useful statistics for those working in the field of wedding organization. For example, 62% of wedding organizers prefer e-mail as a means of communicating with clients while 24% were contacted by couples on social networks.

When it comes to the wedding venue, it has been “a huge move towards industrial-looking venues” according to It looks like 2018 will be the year of open space weddings and industrialized architecture. Weddings in 2018 will be totally Instagramable and will incorporate the couple’s personalities by choosing unconventional venues and decorations (the main focus is to create a wedding as unique as possible). The wedding planner La Fete mentioned the appearance of copper and metallic details, marble aspects and white and green tones for any floral décor.

According to The Knot, statement escort card displays are really trendy in 2018 as well as asking for cash in the form of experiences (new camping gear, a down payment on a home, a fund for adopting a baby, etc.). Guests are going to have special experiences with lipstick touch-up bars, passed after-dinner treats or even fun late-night cover bands. Instead of having just one form of entertainment like a band or a DJ, this year are included experiential theater performances, roaming sketch artists, tarot card readers, astrologists and magicians.


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Below, we present some data to shed some light to these trends.


Out of those who participate at the weddings they are invited to (96.7%), more than half of the respondents (58.3%) like both traditional and modern weddings, followed by a little more than a quarter (26.1%) who like Romanian traditional weddings, leaving modern ceremonies as being least preferred. Thus, Romanians prove rather conservative when it comes to wedding traditions.


Out of those who like modern weddings and both modern and traditional weddings, when asked about the modern aspects they appreciate at a wedding, the majority went for the candy bar (71.6%), followed by the cocktail bar (52.9%) and thematic weddings (51.8%). Also, artistical programs (mainly dancing performances) were mentioned by 1.2% as being valued.


When it comes to the venue, the responders found ballrooms (74.6%), outdoor locations (53.2%) and mansions or castles (51.8%) as more suitable for a modern wedding. This confirms the results presented in previous studies mentioned above. Besides that, Wedding Wire also mentions historic homes, museums, libraries and vast spaces are popular for wedding photos, wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, wedding reception and after party. It appears that hotels are making a comeback as one of the 2018 wedding venue trends for couples who are looking for a ballroom look for their wedding.

Barns and cottages are not as popular among our respondents with less than a quarter of respondents (20.3%) finding it as an ideal venue for a modern wedding.

Only 0.8% of our responders mentioned they would rather find restaurants and tents suitable for a 2018 wedding venue. Wedding Wire also states that rooftop venues can be an ideal pick for couples who want to dine and dance in the fresh air, but still protect guests from the elements.


Most people would rather prefer warm colour wedding shades (hues from red through yellow, browns and tans included) instead if cool colour wedding shades (hues from blue green through blue violet, most greys included). However, 50% of respondents like both warm and cool shades.


Well, even though they proved to be rather traditional when organizing the wedding, when it comes to the honeymoon, people’s preferences switch poles: exotic countries and islands turn out to be the most preferred destinations (65.6%), followed by European destinations (55.7%). The tendency is for a honeymoon outside the country as Romanian destinations are preferred only by 43.2% of respondents.


Harper's Bazaar and Wedding Wire also suggest exotic destinations such as Hawaii, Bali, Patagonia, Maldives, Thailand and many others in their top ideas for romantic honeymoons in 2018. However, created a list with some out of the box ideas to inspire couples to choose local or far-flung destinations offering adventure, personal enrichment and bucket-list experiences as well as serious romance for their honeymoon, such as: digital detoxing, giving back, explore global gastronomy or go on a cool cruise.

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