This Tuesday Questia Group's article focuses on journey destinations preferred by Romanians and attitudes towards travelling. Our research was conducted through an online survey on our platform, covering 706 respondents, with a plus or minus 4% margin of error. The survey was active between 2nd and 3rd May 2017. The main findings are presented below.

Our starting point was the European Commission’s Flash Eurobarometer Report (March 2016) regarding Preferences of Europeans towards tourism. The research was conducted among 28 Member States of the European Union, and also in Turkey, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Montenegro and Moldova between 18th and 23rd January 2016. It was designed to explore a range of aspects regarding holidays in 2015 and 2016, in particular respondents’ reasons for going on holiday in 2015, information sources and tools used to book holidays, respondents’ travel profiles, preferred destinations and holiday types, satisfaction with various aspects of holidays and plans for holidays in 2016, including the potential impact of the current economic situation on these plans.


  • Sun or beach and visiting family, friends or relatives were the most popular reasons given by respondents who traveled at least once for a minimum of one night during 2015 for going on holiday
  • When asked if they had changed their travel plans in 2015 due to a series of potentially dangerous local conditions at the destination, a large majority of respondents answered negatively
  • More than seven in ten people traveled at least once in 2015, for professional or personal reasons, on occasions when they were away from home for a minimum of one night (this proportion has been very consistent since 2009)
  • The most important source when deciding on travel plans is the recommendation of friends, colleagues or relatives (around half of the respondents)
  • Two-thirds of respondents spent at least part of their holidays in their own country and half of them visited another European country
  • Just over a third of respondents spent their main holiday in 2015 with their partner or spouse, while less than one in ten traveled alone

Source: The European Commission’s Flash Eurobarometer 432 Report, pp. 4-5

As for the 2015 holiday experience Factsheet among Romanians, the study consisted of 1000 telephone interviews. The majority of respondents of those who went on a personal travel for a minimum of one night during 2015 (65%) stated that they spent their main holiday in 2015 in Romania. The main reasons why Romanians went on holiday in 2015 were for sun/beach (32%), visiting family/friends/relatives (35%), nature: mountain/lake/landscape/etc. (35%), city trips (19%) and culture: religious, gastronomy, arts (15%). Only 6% went on holiday for specific events such as sporting events, festivals or clubbing, while other 6% went to practice sport-related activities: scuba diving, cycling, etc.

The essential information sources from where Romanians make their decisions about traveling plans come from friends’ recommendations, colleagues or relatives (47%), personal experience (26%) and websites collecting and presenting comments, reviews, and ratings from other travelers (17%).

Preferred vacation types have been also studied by GfK in a global survey from April 2017, where 17 countries have been interviewed. Well over half (59%) of people said that they prefer a vacation where they relax and take things easy, while just over a third (35%) prefer an active vacation where they do or see lots of things. Brazil, South Korea, and Japan lead for favoring relaxing vacations while Italy, France, and Spain lead for active holidays. Teenagers most inclined to energetic vacations; those in their forties are most inclined to lazy ones.


When asked to think about their latest trip, the majority of our respondents (83.3%) answered that they traveled for personal purpose, while 9.2% for business purpose.

latest trip

Considering their latest trip, respondents traveled mostly in the country (77.4%), while 22.6% went abroad.

travel in country

The most used means of transport for those traveling in the country were the car (54.4%) and plane (17.1%).

means of transport

When thinking about their future trip, respondents say they rather consider a national destination (57.0%) instead of a journey abroad.


Out of those who would prefer a future holiday in the country, they plan to spend more than 500 lei (67.0%).

![money spent](/content/images/2017/05/Q5.gif)

The percentage of travelers who would spend more than 500 lei abroad is greater (87.7%) than national travelers, since the costs increase, for traveling and accommodations.

money spent abroad

Most of Romanians travelers are accompanied by their family in their journeys (51.1%), while 36.6% travel with their partner. What's also noticeable is that Romanians don't travel in their holidays with their co-workers.

![travel company](/content/images/2017/05/Q7.gif)

When asked about the main reasons for choosing to travel on their holidays, Romanians answered that it’s mostly for relaxation (81.2%), for visiting tourist attractions (57.6%) and for visiting other cities (40.7%).

![reasons for travelling](/content/images/2017/05/Q8.gif)

One of the most agreed statements was that safety is very important when deciding on the destination of the holiday (89.3% agreed). This result may have to do with the recent terrorist events that happened in Europe in the last years. Looking back at 2015, a large majority of the European Commission’s Flash 432 Eurobarometer respondents answered that they hadn’t changed their travel plans in 2015 due to a series of potential dangerous local conditions at the destination. The situation seems to be different today.

Also, it seems that the distance is not that important when Romanians decide on the destination of their holiday (41.8%). When choosing accommodation, most of our respondents choose comfort over price (66.2%) and 73.4% prefer to check in close to tourist attractions. Most travelers (74.6%) always choose new holiday destinations and agreed that they get out of their comfort zone when they go on holiday (60.4%).


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