Today, we feature a guest post on our blog written by Raj Vardhman from The company’s main area of business is assessing each poker website based on everything from the quality of the software and security to sign-up bonuses, featuring best and unbiased reviews of legalized online poker sites. Even so, the PokerSites team also writes and conducts interesting market research on hot topic of interests. Today is all about the AI. The AI technology has been picking up steam in the past couple of years. It’s no longer a gimmick or a faraway fiction. Scientists from all around the world are slowly but surely cracking this riddle. Sure, they are still a long journey away from creating a true Artificial Intelligence, but each year we see significant breakthroughs in this field.

Today, you can find some form of AI in many everyday places. For example, Alexa and Siri are world famous AI assistants. They will create appointments, answer your questions, set alarms, shop, and a million other things. Another great example is the Tesla car. Thanks to Tesla’s AI, self-driving cars are no longer a work of fiction.
But what about the poker industry? Surely there must be an AI capable of playing poker at high levels. The answer is yes, there is. This infographic below will show you how the poker’s AI developed throughout the history, as well as where it is now.

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