Behavioral science represents a wide array of overlapping disciplines: psychology, anthropology, psychobiology, cognitive science, neuroscience and many more. The term refers to the investigation and analysis of human and animal behavior through different type of studies (from the study of the past, to direct and indirect observation and, of course, scientific experimentation).

As researchers, we all try to find the best methods, the best tools that can help us obtain a clear and complete image on the object(s) of our study. And today, we have a great number of tools at our disposal, from the classic tools of market research, to the ones that have been designed grace to the development of the internet, to the neuroscience tools that can show how our brains work in different circumstances.

A quick google search will show a huge number of companies, worldwide, that are specialized in different aspects of market research. Some of these companies have started in the recent past to use neuroscience tools like EEG, fMRI or SST by partnering with companies or individuals specialized in these types of experiments (without having their own experts though). Others have focused their attention on digital solutions. And others, unfortunately, have not updated their methods, focusing on the good old tools that we have been using for ages.

With so many innovations that can be used to enhance our methods of conducting market research studies, we should ideally combine at least some of them in order to be able to offer our clients the best possible results. As previously mentioned though, there are still companies that refuse to update their techniques, offering only the classic qualitative and quantitative tools.

On the other hand, there are companies out there that break barriers, innovate and offer amazing market research solutions. And they do this not only because of the need to survive in a very competitive market, not only for the profit, but also because of their true passion for research.

Such an example is a newly founded company called Beesy, created by former US CEO of Ipsos Marketing Practices, Elys Robert. The company brings together the academic world with the market research world, creating a multi-functional team of behavioral scientists, market research experts and consumer insights specialists. It’s purpose? To “bring the science of human decision-making to the forefront in consumer insights and marketing”.

As the CEO of Beesy declares, “there is an incredible amount of behavioral science expertise locked-up in academia and a huge need for that expertise here in industry. With our extensive network of the best applied, practical behavioral scientists, BEESY will bridge the two, effectively harnessing the power of behavioral science to drive better commercial outcomes”.

There are so many experts out there, specialized in so many different areas that could enhance the market research as we know it today. We just need to have the curiosity to discover new tools and combine them in a creative way. And find the most relevant experts to help us use them. Only through passion, curiosity and a little bit of courage can we go forwards and improve the world around us!

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