As market research is constantly going through numerous changes, new challenges appear. Neither getting enough data, nor analyzing the results seems to be a problem. The key issue comes with visualizing the insights and pinpointing the most important findings.

Traditionally, internal clients are mail bombed with reports, excels, and follow up messages about recent market research studies. They tend to be targeted with loads of information, and less actionable insights and recommendations for their lines of business. Even more, they neither have the time to dig into pages and pages of data hoping to find relevant learnings for their teams and departments.

But the ongoing move to cheaper and faster solutions such as online surveying makes analysis and reporting generally easier. Using different software to convey key information helps market research professionals become more relevant for their internal clients. That’s how market research dashboards appeared. Although they are used by top management for years now, customer insights professionals are currently learning to build up and distribute their own data dashboards. At its core, a market research data dashboard is a platform that collects most important metrics and findings into an attractive and intuitive display, which is updated in real time. As a result, market research dashboards are perfect fit when it comes to reporting ongoing tracker results such as Customer Satisfaction or Brand Assessment.

By the use of online dashboards, data is finally reaching the people who need it, in an easy to understand form that can be used immediately. It converges most important findings, helping professionals getting informed with what it is relevant to them, when making marketing decisions.

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