Recently, the US intelligence platform Fuel Cycle released Fuel Cycle Exchange (FCX), a platform offering all-in-one insight tools. FUEL (Fast User Engagement and Listening) is a customer-oriented company, focused on engaging consumers and brands in a continuous dialogue, in order to gather real-time, unfiltered insights.

Going one step further on, the FCX platform allows Fuel Cycle clients to centralize research activities on a single platform to support product development, shopper insights, customer experience, pricing and marketing. The platform includes partner integration, role-specific methodologies and unified insights with other Fuel Cycle products (communities, panels).

In an era in which customer insights are increasingly important to companies, Fuel Cycle invites clients to have access to Fuel Cycle Exchange (FCX), a platform offering all-in-one insight tools . Using a single designed platform to address diverse research needs, FCX help companies have a better understanding of their consumers and market, by offering them a 360 degrees picture of insights.

As previously discussed also on our blog, it is important for companies to have an actionable plan rooted in a 360 degree-research method and strategic thinking. Therefore, it is important for businesses to employ a variety of data sources and for market research agencies to blend a variety of research techniques in order to build up a full picture of the market. FCX platform answers this exact need, by combining insights into a one stop “shop” for clients.

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