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This first Monday of December we are still focusing on internet banking, a topic that has numerous insights to be discovered. This week’s research was made by Questia Group, through an online survey on, covering 1,293 respondents, with a plus or minus 3% margin of error. The survey was active between 29th of November – 1st of December.

The research is structured on the following topics: knowledge of contracting banking products and services via the Internet; internet banking usage and satisfaction, as well as interest towards internet banking.

Knowledge of products and services provided online by banks

When it comes to knowledge about contracting banking products and services, 54.7% of the respondents know about contracting accounts with and without attached debit card, while 41.7% know a little or not much about this opportunity. Shopping cards have a better awareness (18.9% know a lot, 34.9% know a little) along with credit cards (18.2% know a lot, 35.2% know a little), while insurance (33.6% know a little and 27.7% don’t know much) and cards with installments (32.2% know a little and 24.7% don’t know much) are some of the products and services that people know less about their availability online. Another interesting aspect comes from how much people know about the possibility of making bank deposits and savings accounts via the internet. Only 41.0% know about these services, while 53.8% know a little or not much, followed by a 5.1% of people who never heard about this possibility on the internet.

This shows that banks could improve their communication with their clients especially when it comes to banking deposits and saving accounts. One of our previous studies showed that when expenses exceed monthly incomes, Romanians generally use their money set aside (29.5%). Moreover, 72.6% of our respondents admitted that it is important to save money for rainy days, while 46.6% were interested in different ways of saving money. Thus, raising awareness about different ways in which people can open and manage banking deposits and savings accounts online should be more emphasized by banks. Also, other products and services - such as cards with installments (56.9% don’t know about the possibility of contracting this service via the internet), insurance (61.3% know a little and not much, 6.1% never heard about this possibility on the internet) and personal loans (50.2% know a little and not much) – are to be better disseminated. The variety of services that people can have access to via online banking should be better distributed to banks’ clients.

knowledge about online products and services

Internet banking – usage and satisfaction

As for internet banking usage in the last 30 days, 50.3% declared that they have used it, while 49.7% declared that they didn’t. Here, we defined internet banking as the possibility of making payments and banking transactions by accessing one’s bank account on a website provided by the bank.

internet banking usage

Internet banking satisfaction among respondents that have used this service in the last 30 days is split between 63.9% that are very and somewhat satisfied and 36.1% that are very and somewhat unsatisfied. Previous studies have emphasized the fact that Romanians are generally satisfied with online banking, due to the fact that their money management has improved.

Attitudes towards internet banking

Moreover, 72.6% of our respondents generally agreed to the fact that if they were to choose, they would want more free time rather than money. Internet banking has the advantage of saving people some time, as opposed to going to the bank branch.

However, when it comes to information that respondents consider important, they consider that it’s better to talk directly to an employee at the bank branch – 89.9% agreeing to this statement. It is thus essential that banks better inform people of the possibilities that online banking has to offer, in some cases being more efficient and time-saving than a visit to the branch. Also, telephone banking is another aspect that can be taken into account, when in need of advice.

The majority of the respondents (80.6%) agree and totally agree to the fact that generally when they buy something, they spend more time looking for the best deal. This information is also supported by the fact that 49.1% of the respondents rather and totally disagree with the fact that “Generally, I pay more for products that make my life easier”. Thus, products and services are primarily chosen for their price and secondly for their benefits (making life easier, saving time etc.).

Don’t miss next Monday’s research findings that Questia Group brings. Find out more about consumer behaviors, attitudes and beliefs in regard to numerous topics, from banking to consumer goods, internet, leisure, marketing and retail in real time.