At the beginning of this year, Collaborata, the market-research marketplace, announced the launch of <a href=""target="_blank" >a new Customer Concierge Service meant to help clients place their market research projects with the right experts. Collaborata is a Chicago-based startup which aims to bring collaboration and co-funding to the marketing research industry. The company’s mission is to enable clients and suppliers to connect with each other in order to develop and conduct studies while sharing results and costs.

With a combined experience of 35 years in the market research industry, Collaborata’s team, in addition to developers and designers, boasts key advisors from both marketing-research and tech industries, fortified by strategic partnerships covering both sides.

The new Custom Concierge Service is on its way to smoothen the RfP process, especially on the client side, by helping him/her get the most competitive offers from several market research vendors, while going through an easier procurement process and assuring that the studies meet the expectations in terms of both price and timeline.

In an industry in which not only clients struggle with finding the right agency, but also market research suppliers find it harder and harder to receive good RfPs, Collaboratta’s service might come at hand in order to make the collaboration more successful and less stressful on both sides.

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