A few months ago, we published the findings of a survey we conducted on the perceptions towards Bitcoin. In this context, we got in contact with <a href="http://commodity.com/cryptocurrency/bitcoin/btc-sentiment/"target="_blank">the Commodity team who has combined the data from 90+ leading exchanges to determine the buy/sell sentiment across the market in the last hour, 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days.

This process was conducted to further determine the general feeling in the Bitcoin market. Its calculation is simple: using data from the above-mentioned exchanges, the buy and sell volumes were gathered for a given time period and weighted against the total transaction volumes.

The gathered data can be accessed without charge and it is updated live, including historical data, volume data, tick data or block explorer data from multiple exchanges and blockchains, meaning over 1800 coins and over 22,000 trading pairs listed.

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