Last week, CINT, the world’s insight exchange platform, announced that it launched an automatic sample delivery system for online surveys based on AI. Cint is an innovative software company specialized in developing insights technologies and managing research marketplaces across the Globe.

CINT’s new sampling feature is available for all users of CINT’s procurement tool (Access Pro) which gathers over 40 million panelists and 1500+ panel providers from 80+ countries on the same platform. Its automatic sample delivery tool searches these resources in real time and samples individuals automatically based on field time and target specifications, completing the number of respondents in the predefined timeframe. By using machine learning to continuously teach the platform about response rates at different surveys, it can now create recommendations on sample sizes needed for individual quota cells.

I think that CINT’s new tool is very useful in the current context in which more and more clients demand shorter fieldwork times and more focus on generating insights and providing them actionable recommendations via reporting or workshops. Delivering high quality insights for our clients, while shortening data collection periods is also one of the key pillars we believe in here, at Questia Group, and online surveying helps us tremendously in this regard. We are constantly looking for cutting-edge techniques to innovate in our area of business, so that we serve our clients better.

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