This week I came across one of the most inspiring articles I have read in a while, on <a href=""target="_blank">the need of greater understanding in order to generate actionable insights.

Discussing the missing link between market research insights and business, the author suggests some steps be conducted in order to make the necessary stage from insights to actionable recommendations.

Challenging the brief received, coming up with new ideas to better tackle down client’s objectives; as well as actively engaging with the client during the whole project from the set-up phase to reporting and presentation represents one of the first stages towards actionable insights. During this time, especially big market research agencies seem to put less and less focus on this aspect and focus more on just “doing their job” and conducting the project.

A second important step is involving all the needed stakeholders in the project, both from the client and agency sides and effectively working together on the insights found in order to translate them into actions. Again, during this time, market research agencies have stopped in the process after delivering or presenting the results to the client. Follow-ups and workshops are often needed and market researchers should act as catalysts for specific actions.

Last but not least, market researchers should always go an extra mile and put efforts in understanding client’s business, adding business insights to the market research findings and finally offering companies a full understanding of individuals’ perceptions in the larger context of the business or industry they activate into.

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