This article focuses on the how Romanians spent their holidays, namely the Great Union Day on the 1st of December. The research consisted of an online survey conducted on our platform <a href=""target="_blank"> covering 700 respondents, with a +/-3.7% margin of error when reported to the Romanian online population. The survey was active between 27 and 29 of November 2017.


December the 1st is known as the Great Union Day in Romania. In 1918, during the reign of King Ferdinand I, Romania - made of Moldova and Wallachia at the time – <a href=""target="_blank">was united with Transylvania, Crisana, Banat and the Maramures area. With this unification, Romania almost doubled its territory. In this article, we focus on how Romanians perceived this day and what how they celebrated it.


Asked how they spent their recent holidays – Saint Andrew’s and the Great Union Day – most respondents said they stayed at home, or at a family member’s or at a friend’s home. A few said they would spend their holidays throughout Romania, while only a small part (1.6%) said to be spending their holidays abroad.

holidays 1st of December

Most respondents said they spent the holidays with their partner/spouse and their extended families. Some have spent it with friends (22.1%) and only a few with work colleagues (4.4%) or alone (6.0%). This shows that these holidays mark the future winter holidays, perceived mainly as family ones.

people spending holidays with

Most respondents (75.5%) said that the Great Union Day is important to them. In this sense, when asked how this day should be celebrated, the top responses were attributed to attending demonstrations/military parades (48.1%), by being proud to be a Romanian (47.1%) and using national insignia (44.4%). Only a few said that this day means people’s unity and cooperation (25.7%). This shows that usually, people celebrate this day in a specific way, and not attribute its meaning to a deeper level - unity, cooperation etc.

celebration of the 1st of December

Regarding what they did during the 1st of December, more than half have stayed at home doing family activities (49.5%), some said they have rested (18.5%), some went to the demonstrations in the city, a few to cultural events, while some (8.2%) said they didn’t do anything special.

Activities on the 1st of December

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